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NATURAPURA IBERICA – Production and Trade of Natural Products S.A. (“NATURAPURA”), legal person N. º 504621823, headquartered in Parque Industrial da Pousa, Lote 24B, 4755-411 Barcelos, Portugal, has established as a priority in their internal policies, the protection of personal data they deal with in the exercise of their activity. As such, this statement serves for the purpose of explaining in detail what personal data we process, its duration and purpose for processing, as well as our efforts to keep such data protected. This STATEMENT applies to our website and may be amended, upgraded or corrected at any time to whatever extent deemed necessary.

PERSONAL DATA encompasses any and all information of any nature whatsoever, irrespective of its medium, inclusive of and not limited to, sound and image, relating to a natural person, which may identify or make him/her identifiable (i.e., directly or Indirectly, including by reference to an identification number or one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity).


Cookies are small files that are stored on your electronic device through a browser. The information which is collected is then analyzed to determine one’s website usage and habits.

Unless you prevent the use of these technologies in accordance with our COOKIE POLICY, we automatically and provisionally acquire personal information about you, such as:

-Operating system and browser used;

-Country of access and language;

-Date and duration of use of the site;

-Identification of previously visited sites.

The purpose of these technologies is to essentially facilitate and accommodate the use of the site, being essential to the browsing and shopping experience in our store. This, as well as serving other purposes, namely commercial and statistical, allows us to optimise your experience!  Also, we may use third parties, who, acting independently, will have the ability to apply cookies and access this information as well.

For more information on the conditions of use of the website please refer to our TERMS OF USE here.

For more information on the cookies used and other similar mechanisms, as well as on the processing of associated personal data please refer to our COOKIE POLICY here.


You can browse our site and make a purchase without being registered. However, to complete the purchase you will need to fill in a set of required fields with information such as your email address, billing addresses, shipping address and telephone number to assist in the shipment process and delivery of the order to its destination.

If you register on our site, we identify the mandatory fields with an (*), which means that in order to create an account you must provide your e-mail, name and password.

Because transparency is important to us, we inform you that this data will be housed in databases managed by us, hosted on external servers (

We ask you to provide this information as this is the only way we can manage and process your orders, as well as being necessary to comply with legal billing requirements. At the time of registration, you are consenting to other forms of processing.

We will keep your data for the duration of the contract associated with all valid orders. After which, it will continue to be processed for as long as the account on our site is active.


If you are at least thirteen years old, you can use and register on our website provided you have authorization from a legal guardian. Authorization must be pre-approved by us.


In addition to the data provided voluntarily by registering on the website or by its simple use, other occasions exist that may imply that you provide us with personal information – for example, when you try to communicate with us.

In our website, contacts are available through which you will be able to contact us. Regardless of the reason for the communication, which may be related to technical support, complaint handling, or even an application, this data will be provided knowing that it will be used according to the duration of the communication established and the time required to resolve the conflict or claim submitted.

In addition to those situations where we use the data provided to respond to any requests for communication, we may communicate through notices made available on our website, by email and even push notifications. This will happen when this has been expressly consented, or when it results from any legal or contractual provision.



At any time, you can access the data provided when registering in your personal area of our website.

You may also request access to, or rectification of, personal data in a way that is more convenient, for example, by sending us an e-mail. Where applicable and whenever possible, identifying the matter as being related to the protection of personal data and in particular, the claim (e.g. “access to personal data”).

Note that additional information may be required.


The right of opposition is foreseen in the event that the data used are to safeguard the legitimate interests of ourselves, of commercial partners or identified public interests, and the user understands that the way we treat personal information which has been provided us is not the most suitable for their particular situation or which does not serve the purposes for which they have been provided.

For example: We are talking about those cases where we use your information, e.g., to identify the type of customer we have.

You may exercise this right of opposition, for example, by sending us an e-mail with the indication, where possible, of the matter as relating to the protection of personal data and, in concrete, the claim (e.g. “opposition to Data processing”).


If it is a concern for the user to continue to use his/her data, he/she may request deletion of all or some of the data processed when: considering (or not) that the data is unnecessary for the purposes for which they were collected in the event of exercising its right of opposition; if the data are treated unlawfully; to comply with a legal obligation, or even when consent is given to the treatment of a minor.

You can exercise this right, for example, by sending us an e-mail. Where possible, identify the matter as being related to the protection of personal data and pretension (e.g. “erasure of Personal Data”).

Note that additional information may be required, as well as it may not be the obligation of NATURAPURA to erase your data if it results from any applicable legislation – for example, time limits for prescription or expiry of rights.


This DECLARATION is essentially sought for informative purposes, but does not invalidate the users right to submit complaints to the supervisory authority and public oversight competent authority, using the judicial pathways or even speaking directly to us.


NATURAPURA undertakes the task of ensuring the protection of the security of personal data made available to us through the implementation of physical and logical security measures – such as the creation and execution of data protection policies and the adoption of computer security and network systems solutions-against their dissemination, loss, and misuse, as well as against their treatment, unauthorised access or any other form of illicit treatment.

In this framework and as an example, all our sites are, primarily, protected by a digital security certificate based on a protocol capable of encrypting the information transmitted between our servers and the client.

While we emphasize that such conduct does not invalidate that all users of the site should take additional security measures, namely, to ensure that it uses an electronic device and a properly configured browser, with active firewall, antivirus and/or other forms of logical or even physical security.


In exercising your activity, we may cooperate with third parties other than those already referred to in this STATEMENT, as service providers, liable to process your data. In these situations, and for reasons of transparency, whenever possible we will identify these entities and the use they make of their data.

In any case, be assured that we take appropriate measures to ensure that our partners fulfil all their obligations regarding the protection of their data and, ultimately, we will be responsible for their handling.

We will also disclose your personal data when we believe in good faith it is needed for related reasons:

-With legal requirements;

-With the protection of our customers, for example, to avoid spam or attempts to defraud users of our products, or even to help prevent serious injury or loss of life;

-With the operability and maintenance of the safety of our products, including avoiding or preventing an attack on our computer systems or networks; Or

-With the protection of the rights or ownership of undertakings, including the application of the terms governing the use of the services; However, if we receive information that indicates that someone is using our services to traffic stolen physical or intellectual property, we do not inspect the customer’s private life, but we may report the matter to the authorities .



Cookies are small files that are stored on the electronic device through which you access the website, specifically through the browser used for this purpose, and that collect information about your habits of use of the site and its use. Its main function is to facilitate and accommodate the use of the site, potentializing and optimizing its functionalities, but not being the only reason for its use, it also serves other purposes, namely commercial and statistical.


It is important to differentiate between temporary and long-term cookies. The former, are used until the visit on the site ends, at which point they are eliminated, and the user does not have to log on to the site when changing the page; The latter, are stored on the user’s device after the termination of the use of the site and during the period indicated as “Expiration date”, and enable the user to return to the site by returning their navigation according to the settings initially set, for example, by saving the language settings or the registry data.


The cookies used may be owned by NATURAPURA or may be defined by third parties, and their use is always dependent on your browser settings and access to other services associated with our site. In addition, third-party technologies similar to cookies that also collect information can be used: for example, Plug-in technology or JavaScript.

This happens for several reasons, among which: because such entities are contracted to provide certain services that justify it, because our site bridges with the server of these entities for purposes of content reproduction, or even because there is sharing of the content of the site with these entities (this is what happens, for example, through comments made on social networks, associating them with their accounts in these networks and as is the case of FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST).

These entities can place or read their own cookies on your device and collect information about your use of the site.


Because third-party cookies are used, there is a possibility that the data stored therein may be transferred to the countries where those third parties are located and not necessarily in the European Union.

We cannot control this flow, so you should check the settings that allow you to abdicate the use of cookies and verify their cookie policies.


Cookies may be differentiated and categorised from agreements with the various purposes that may be associated with them, regardless of whether they are third-party cookies or themselves:

-LOGIN, AUTHENTICATION-when the user logs on to the site with their account, these cookies store the associated ID number and the login time encrypted on your device, allowing you to browse the site or other pages of Internet access in the browser without having to log in again each time you return to the site. It’s a temporary cookie.

-PREFERENCES – This type of cookie saves preference settings such as language or privacy settings so that they do not have to be reset each time you return to the site. By their nature, they are long-lasting cookies.

-INFORMATION PROVIDED – The information provided during the use of the site is in question, as it happens, for example, when you add products to a shopping cart. Cookies store these product preferences (for example), so that you can finalize your purchase in an easy and fluid way. When you log out of the site and log back in you can resume these options at the new login, as the information will be stored as long-term cookies.

-TARGETED ADVERTISING – Collects information about the use made of the site (articles viewed, clicks made, advertisements viewed), allowing to identify the interests of the user so that the advertising that is directed to him/her is in his/her best interest. This type of cookie can be used to help any advertisers to display advertisements of interest in order to give the user a personalised experience on their visit to our site. These are long-lasting cookies, as they are stored so that they are read in the next viewing of the site.

-STATISTICS-collect information capable of measuring the efficiency of the services rendered and the commercial activity developed, for example, collecting the IP address of visitors to the site and controlling their number of visits, all with a view to the development of Statistics on the operations available to the user. These are long-term cookies.

-SECURITY – Long term cookies are needed as they tend to avoid risks to the security of the site, namely acts of usurpation of identity in general. They may also be used to help determine the need to implement new security measures.

-PERFORMANCE, ANALYSIS – Seeks to understand if the user has the available resources necessary for the best use of the site and whether the accessible tools are the most suitable for this purpose; for continuous performance improvement.


This site uses the analytical services of the “Google Analytics” Web pages provided by Google Inc. (“GOOGLE”). To this end, NATURAPURA uses GOOGLE JavaScript: A tool that makes use of cookies (of the categories “targeted advertising” and “statistics”), stores the information regarding visitors to the site, relating to the way-and from where-they access it, their frequency so as to analyze the type of use that is made. The information collected about your use of the site is sent to a GOOGLE server in the USA and stored there, concluding the phase of processing this data with the compilation of analytical reports on the use of the site. This information may not be transferred to third parties who are not authorised or otherwise not resulting from applicable law, such as GOOGLE will not associate your IP address with any other data held by you.


Our website integrates social network cookies, in concrete from FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST, all identified through a logo/icon characteristic and publicly known. It is this interaction of users with logos/icons relative to their social networks, which will represent the sharing of information with these third parties, establishing a direct connection with their servers.

NATURAPURA has no power over how such social networks use the information provided by the user, in particular by using Plug-in technology and cookies, so we recommend that you consult the Privacy policies of each of the social networks involved for more information on how data is collected and processed by them.

However, and despite the disabling of cookies and eventually the Plug-ins may make it impossible to use the site, this option may be applied according to the settings/configurations of each browser.


You may know some of the cookies used, as soon as you use your browser settings. You can also check our cookie table where we identify some of the different types used on the site.


You may request the information you deem necessary regarding the processing and treatment thereof, and it is advised that a fee may be applied in the event of unintended or excessive applications. You can do this by sending an email to or by calling (+ 351) 253 191 529.

To this end, NATURAPURA may require elements proving the ownership of the personal data of those who wish to exercise their rights (for example, you may be requested to provide your name, surname and a signed copy of the document of Identification).

You can also consult our Data Protection Officer.

Please see our TERMS OF USE here.

Please see our COOKIE POLICY here.