NaturaPura BabyClub

The NaturaPura Baby Club loyalty program is exclusive to customers registered in our online store.

This program allows you, as our registered Customer, to receive points (“NPoints“), in the proportion of one point per EURO (USD/GBP) of purchases, in the purchase of items that are not on sale. But please note that points earned can only be used as a discount on subsequent purchases.

In each purchase we will try to credit the maximum discount that the accumulated points and the value of the purchase, to be made, allow. The minimum discount amount is 10 EURO (USD/GBP), corresponding to the use of 200 points. However, if you are enjoying a discount for the use of points, you will not be able to accrue this discount with other promotional activities.

But if you want, you can remove the discount, continuing to accumulate points for use in future purchases. Thus, you can also, with the accumulation of 500 points, acquire any of the dolls in our collection. Enjoy! Our cuddly dolls are unique, safe, free of any chemicals, the best for the baby (be sure to read Our Organic Cotton for Baby).

So, if you wish, please let us know using the email address We will send a discount coupon to be used, in our online store, in the purchase of the teddy you like the most.

Do not forget that points expire after 360 days after the date of their purchase. Don’t let them expire!