5 Reasons to Choose NaturaPura Organic Cotton

Organic cotton, in its natural colors, without chemicals, has been the raw material chosen by NaturaPura, a brand of environmentally friendly products, in the development of baby clothes and accessories. Examples are our bodies and babygrows, ideal for babies’ sensitive skin, and our cuddly, non-toxic and safe toys that the baby can safely put in his mouth and sleep with.

The natural colors of organic cotton are ecru, green and brown. Thus, when using this cotton, in its natural colors, the baby clothes have no chemicals.

 The natural colors of our organic cotton.

Our adventure started in 1999, our aim being to develop healthy, comfortable and practical baby clothes. Our experience as fathers and mothers inspired us to create each item in our collections taking into consideration:

  1. The baby’s skin, very sensitive, easily irritable, subject to allergic reactions, with atopic dermatitis, which today affects between 10-20% of children in the Western world;
  2. The baby’s mouth and long-term health, well-known for placing everything in their mouths, harmful chemicals, such as heavy metals, can greatly damage their health;
  3. The baby’s comfort, knowing that he spends much of his time lying down;
  4. Organic cotton and its characteristics as a raw material;
  5. Our Planet and “there is no Planet B!”,

We chose to only use the ultra-naturalwithout chemicals, which results from organic cotton, in its natural colors, without any dyes!

Today, we offer a wide variety of baby clothes and accessories, for premature babies and for toddlers, carefully designed and enhanced with great care.

Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured in Portugal and, as a quality guarantee sealNaturaPura is certified with the EcoLabel (European Ecological Label), an accomplishment achieved by very few companies, due to the very tight and rigorous criteria used.

Because NaturaPura’s priority is the well-beingcomfort and health of our babies, our products are also dermatologically tested.

It’s worth remembering that at birth, the baby’s dermis is 40-60% less thick than that of an adult. This makes it very sensitive, facilitating the absorption of substances and the possibility of irritation. On the other hand, babies do not yet have a protective barrier or developed sweat glands. Thus, both skin irritations and skin allergies are very common, caused, most of the time, by the type of fabrics used in baby clothes, hygiene products and sometimes by some food products.

Here at NaturaPura we assure that our products do not irritate your baby’s skin and are, therefore, suitable for sensitive skin, which have a propensity for allergies and atopic skin.

Our Clothing Products

  • 100% organic cotton in its natural colors – ecrugreen and brown;
  • Undyed;
  • Chemical free;
  • Sewn only with 100% cotton threads, so as not to irritate your baby’s skin;
  • Pants for newborns without elastic on the waist (so as not to cause discomfort in the area of the umbilical cord);
  • Labels placed on the outside of the garments, so as not to scratch;
  • Bodies for newborns with frontal opening;
  • Age-appropriate and easy-to-wear items;
  • Many of our knitted items have no seams;
  • Dermatologically tested – Indicated for sensitive skin, which may suffer from allergies, dermatoses, eczema or have atopic skin.

NaturaPura Soft Toys

What will your baby do when he picks up a toy for the first time?

He will stick it in his mouth!

We know that! For that reason, our toys are non-toxic! They are cuddly in undyed organic cotton, in their natural colors, and are carefully designed and tested to ensure that they are 100% safe for your baby to place in his mouth or sleep with. They are the only toys in the market with which you don’t have to worry about letting your baby play with freely! They don’t have any chemicals or pigments!

Undyed Organic Cotton and Environmental Sustainability

Our purpose goes beyond caring for our babies. We take environmental protection and sustainability very seriously, working to create a better, healthier planet for future generations, for the future of our babies.

Thus, we make sure that our production process is ecologically certified and that the cotton used in our products does not contain any chemicals that may be harmful to the environment: from cultivation, to harvest, to confection.

It is worth noting that, in comparison to a product made from conventional and dyed cotton, a NaturaPura product saves, on average:

  • 60% of water consumption;
  • 30% of energy.

Did you know that around 25% of pesticides worldwide are used in the cultivation of conventional cotton?

NaturaPura cotton does not use pesticides and herbicides and NaturaPura does not use chemicals in the production of its garments, as it does not dye its products (it only uses the natural colors of cotton).