About Us

The birth of a baby is a unique event, and to make its first months comfortable and safe, we have created NaturaPura.

NaturaPura puts every baby’s health first, using only 100% organic cotton, undyed, ultra-natural and chemical free.

Our baby clothing is ideal for the most sensitive skins, and more. It is certified with the European Union Eco-Label, thus guaranteeing the consumer that he is in fact purchasing an environment friendly product, which is dermatologically tested, thus proving that it does not contain any toxic products and is not irritating to the baby’s sensitive skin.

In addition, our baby clothes have several important characteristics, being that they are sewn only with 100% cotton threads, the labels are sewn on the outside of the pieces and some of our articles have no seams.

All these specificities contribute to your baby’s well-being and comfort.

With NaturaPura your baby’s skin will always be protected. And the planet too!